Extinct Megaforna Inhabited Australia Some 45,000 Years Ago

U3AWarrnambool will examine information on these animals and the controversial theories about what happened to them and will look atevidence in local area
Talk Synopsis (about t hr total)
Part 1
-evolution of our species [Homo sapiens) about 200,000 years ago in
-the spread of sapiens out of Africa and across the world
– the concurrence of megafauna extinction and arrival of sapiens…co-incidence or cause and effect….examples from North and South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific
Evidence of megafauna in and around Warrnambool
Part 3
A site was found on Spring Creek north of Warnambool which is notable on two counts
It is very late…only 20-30,000 years old [disputedJ
Some evidence [now hotly disputed) was found of co-existence of sapiens and megafauna….The only such site in Australia….the evidence of this and the counter arguments will be looked at
Where…Meeting Room 1, New Warrnambool Library, B Kepler St
When ….2 pm Tuesday November 1
Cost…free, all welcome