Guest Speaker

GUEST SPEAKER: Russell Robinson from Hamilton
VENUE: Portland Library
TIME: 10.30 start
DATE: 28th June

Members this is a guest speaker you should not want to miss. Russell will show photos and talk about diving destinations he has visited.
The first dive is Chuuk or Truk Lagoon(Wreck Diving Capital of the world) and also the home of the Japanese fleet in WW11.
The second Tawali Resort which is on the east coast of PNG and borders Milne Bay another area of interest during WW11.
Thirdly Nule (known as the rock of the Pacific) a very small island located north east of Auckland NZ.

This is going to be an exciting talk and photo display and venturing into the unknown depths of the sea.

A sheet put up next week to book your place. Get in early so you don’t miss out