MONDAY UPDATE 17 June 2024

This Wednesday – Nelson Mandela
HISTORY EDUCATION – Bookings are Essential.
Rudi de Zoete Spiero has been booked for the following sessions in 2024 to educate us on the following great men who changed the world –
Session 3. Wednesday 19 June 2024 – 10:30am. Nelson Mandela

Bring along your family memorabilia to share your memories with others.
Friday 13 September 2024
Venue: Flinders Park Pavilion
Contact: Lynne McNaughton – 0400 078 519
 More information closer to the date.

Friday 4 October 2024
Contact: Cheryl Ford 5523 4226
More Information to be provided when the trip agenda is completed, but put the date in your diary.

Bring a Plate of food to Share FOR Afternoon Tea and bring a friend

Friday 18 October 2024
1:00pm for 1:30pm start.
Venue: Flinders Park Pavilion
Contacts: Carol Morgan 0402 171 566
Ann Taylor 0448 514 734

Share the Warmth donations are continuing from Flinders Park pavilion. If you are able to donate please add packaged or tin food to the bin provided.

I’m BACK – Did you really think I would leave it alone??
Well Members, if any of you happened to see Channel 7 Sunrise on Friday 7 June you will have notice that it was National Donut Day 2024. They had live crosses to Donut Retailers, Free give a ways of boxes of donuts, Free tasting of these delicious treats, Boxes of donuts delivered to the Channel 7 studios and 5, yes 5 live segments on Sunrise to celebrate the day!!!!!
Well, I am just appalled as last month, as we all know, was National Hamburger Day and what happened….. NOTHING!! Absolutely NOTHING!!!!

Last month this little guy was my cymbal of happiness, but now I really think he is saying the obvious; “I GIVE UP”

I hope everyone has a great week.