Speaker’s Corner

Barrie ‘Baz’ Bardoe

Cyber Warfare and Scams
Date: 2nd May
Time: 10:15am for 10:3oam Start
Venue: Portland LIbrar

Barry will provide a top level summary of Cyber Warfare in advance giving attendees an idea of the presentation.  This will be  a concise followed by Q and A.

The context is that the Cyber Domain (which includes computer systems, electrical networks, data and information) was identified as a War Fighting domain by the government in 2019, and now stands alongside Sea, Land, Air and Space as the fifth war fighting domain. Control of Cyber enables the control of an entire country and it is now constantly being contested. We are now in a ‘grey zone’ state of conflict and although it is below the threshold of a shooting war, there is plenty going on, most of which you will never hear about.

Against this backdrop there are a vast range of parties trying to gain advantages in the Cyber domain, many of which are just scammers, and we are seeing more Cyber attacks than ever before. So he will also talk about the kinds of threats regular people may face, and simple things they can do to make themselves better protected.

Barrie ‘Baz’ Bardoe
​BA, Dip. Marketing, Cert 4 Business, MA, PhD (Candidate)
Squadron Leader – RAAF (SR)
•Information Warfare Professional

Tony Oxford, Papua New Guinea

Venue: Portland Library Meeting Room

Date: To be confirmed

Time: 10:15am for 10:30am

Contact: Lynne McNaughton  040 007 851

Anthony (Tony) Oxford – ASM, OAM, CStJ, GCPara MAIES Paramedic, Emergency Management Planning, Coordinator- Ambulance Victoria.

Anthony is a Paramedic with Ambulance Victoria currently as a Senior Team Manager in the Emergency Management Coordinator role.  He is also a volunteer with the St John Ambulance volunteering with them since 1976.

Working in ambulance for nearly 40 years, he has a passion for emergency management and has undertaken numerous deployments to disaster impacted areas including: Queensland floods, Victorian bushfires and more recently a three month deployment to Papua New Guinea to assist local ambulance service in its response to Covid 19, wording as a paramedic in the NT for over 15 years, he is also passionate about Rural/Remote Health care and multi-agency approach to health care.

He was made a Fellow of the Australian Paramedicine in 2020, is a member of the Australian Institute for Emergency Services and has qualifications is Paramedicine and Business Management.

Tony lives in Portland and spent 12 years as the Area Manager for Ambulance Victoria responsible for the Glenelg, Moyne, Southern Grampians and Warrnambool Shires.


Ellen Linke (Army Experience, pate editor of Portland Observer

Venue: Portland Library Meeting Room

Date: Tuesday 30th May

Time: 10:15am for 10:30am

Contact:  Lynne McNaughton, 0400 078 519