Report on Plant Swap

REPORT ON PLANT SWAP ( Lynne McNaughton)

On May 18th 10 U3a members had an enjoyable afternoon at Shirley’Ardens beautiful garden on King George Parade overlooking the beach along the Dutton Way. Shirley has a garden consisting natives, exotics, shrubs, perennials and succulents. Shirley has a porch area that is open to the air and there is a beautiful display of succulents hanging from the ceiling and on all varieties of stands and baskets.

Members bought along their spare potted plants and cuttings and we all swapped with each other to obtain plats we didn’t have. Thank you goes to Diane Jennings for the “troughs” that were surplus to he needs. Members were happy to take one for their next project. Members enjoyed afternoon tea before taking their plants and cuttings to their new garden.

Thank you to Shirley for her generosity and showing us her beautiful garden. We will have another plant swap in the springtime so start potting up. Happy Gardening