River Cruise and Dartmoor Visit


Last Friday 28 members participated on the bus trip to Nelson and Dartmoor. Despite the early forecast of rain the weather was very pleasant.

The excursion enabled members to meet and socialise with others outside of their normal activity. In some cases people met up with others eh they had not known before.

Some had never been on the Glenelg River Cruise before and for many it was the first time they had been to the Dartmoor wood carvings.

Several members with mobility difficulty showed that you can still go by bus and boat and still manage to have an enjoyable time.

Special thanks goes to our late member Kay who made the subsidised trip possible with her major donation to U3a.

We also acknowledge the part played by Cheryl Ford and Carol Morgan who had to organize the trip more than once, due to earlier cancellations because of Covid restrictions. They also had to overcome the problem caused by Portland’s only tour bus company closing down.